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About Filmfare OTT Awards 2020

Over the top (OTT) streaming platforms have redefined the way we consume entertainment content. Now, the viewers like to binge-watch their favourite shows at a stretch. It ups your street cred when you boast about completing a season at one go. And it’s just not the hot new shows from America and Europe that are being consumed. Original Indian content is getting a huge slice of the viewership pie as well. Thanks to the huge popularity of shows from abroad, where content is always king, the local content developers have upped their game as well. As a result, we’ve been getting some great original content from Indian content creators. The stories aren’t driven by stardom any more, leading to more fleshed out roles, unique plot ideas and giving the actors involved more leeway in their portrayals. It’s become a boon of sorts for trained performers as well as they can display their range and versatility in a better way. It has given a chance to filmmakers to explore more because time restraints have been lifted. The stories can now unfold with their own inherent pace and rhythm.

Filmfare started off as an entity which started honouring excellence in Hindi cinema. Thereafter, we included the South cinema, then later on Marathi, Bengali and even Punjabi cinemas in our fold as well. In recent years, recognising the popularity of the short film genre, we started the Filmfare Short Film Awards as well. Now, taking note of this sea change in viewership patterns, Filmfare has decided to honour achievements on the OTT platforms with a new awards property solely dedicated to this field. We’re not only going to recognise talent in the acting field but also in the technical areas like cinematography, editing, production design, sound design et al. And in keeping with the Filmfare tradition, the jury will be made up of industry elite. In short, the Black Lady is gracing the OTT’s to new beginnings and newer possibilities...

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